I wanted a wooden camper, but couldn’t find one for sale, so I made my own. They’re a unique looking alternative to metal or fiberglass.

This camper is great for unexpected weather and harsh conditions because wood is a natural insulator. I find camping and exploring the coast with my family is so much easier and safer with the wooden camper. Tie-down hooks allow for transporting gear over 6 feet long, (like a canoe). A full sized mattress fits inside, just add lots of pillows and blankets.

For utility, the top platform also works extremely well as a “truck rack” with its flat roof… I’ve stacked large furniture and full sized lumber on it for years. And when I need to haul delicate equipment or expensive furnishings it is really nice to have double doors that open to the bed/interior.

So whether you are a green tradesman, a weekend camper, or you just want something unique for your pick-up, this is a great “organic” option. Each piece of the shell is waterproofed with polyurethane before assembly, then I add dual access doors, plexiglass windows, hinges, bolts, and locks.

Keep it sleek and inexpensive, or go for the custom look and features you have been dreaming of… the basic shell (as seen here) starts at$800.