HANDYMAN SERVICES are by far the most popular choice. Services include all maintenance and repair issues that your home needs. In addition, creative projects from custom furniture to out door decks are available by-the-hour. As a former home builder with extensive experience in full renovations, remodeling, additions and a background in finish carpentry; you will find this is a one stop shop for everything. One fixed rate for full service. Currently $50/hour.

PROJECTS¬†from assembling furniture to installing a spa can always use a helping hand. Most “Do-It-Yourself” projects go smoother with a craftsman there to answer questions and make recommendations. With larger projects it is important to get a Free Estimate. Everything from “how long will it take?” and “how much will it cost?” to itemized materials lists and scheduling is laid-out at the estimate, always based on “time-plus-materials”. This assures every project is fairly priced and guided by the client’s final word on all decisions. Get full value and the finished product you envision. Schedule an estimate now.

Drywall, Painting, Trim/Molding, Tile, Counter-top, Cabinetry, Build-In, Flooring, Fixture, Framing, Roofing, Stair, Handrail, Door & Window, Concrete, Siding, Deck, Refinishing, Resealing, Resurfacing, Leaks, Rot, Insulation, Appliance, Waterproofing, Property Clean-up, etc.

Contractors, developers, architects, interior decorators, and property managers have taken advantage of these services and affordable rates for years. Now you can too! Hire the pro that the pros turn to! Call Chase!